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Group Classes in Manhattan

Taught by Nancy Field Through Follow My Lead


This class, for puppies under 5 months of age at the start of the class, focuses on early socialization, confidence-building, and common puppy issues such as chewing, puppy nipping, crate training, and potty training, to help your young pup grow into a friendly, well-mannered adult dog. Foundation obedience skills will be introduced along with safe, supervised off-leash play. Puppies must be on a standard vaccination schedule as per your vet’s recommendation.

On the last day of class, the instructor will administer the AKC STAR® Puppy test to puppies who have attending all 6 classes. Passing the test entitles you to a certificate from AKC and many other perks.

For more information on the AKC STAR® Puppy program, click here.

Canine Good Citizenship

Our CGC Class will prepare you and your dog for certification through the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test. The test will be administered on the last day of class. The CGC program provides an excellent foundation for more advanced training, such as therapy dog training or training for competition sports,  including Rally, Obedience, and Agility. CGC certification is of equal benefit to companion dogs, because  co-op boards, hotels, and insurance companies will often take it into account when deciding whether to accept your dog. The test items include being greeted, petted, and groomed by a friendly person without jumping up or other unruly behavior; remaining under control  while greeting another person with a dog; walking on a loose leash with distractions; performing three basic behaviors (sit, down, and stay); and remaining calm during a supervised separation from you. Prerequisite:  Basic 2 or the equivalent 

For more information on the AKC’s CCC program, click here.

Rally Obedience

Rally is a fun, challenging canine sport involving a variety of specific obedience exercises performed in sequence, indicated by a series of signs arranged on a numbered course.  Whether or not you are interested in competing, the exercises will improve your dog’s focus and compliance, and help you build a higher level of connection and teamwork. In this class, the first level exercises will be introduced step-by-step and incorporated into short courses.  Prerequisite:  Basic 2, Canine Good Citizen, or the equivalent. 

For more information about Rally:,

Tricks Class

Challenge your dog mentally by teaching him a repertoire of tricks. This fun class brings out the hidden talents and positive personality traits in all dogs. The selection of tricks (possibilities include wave, play dead, roll over) will be determined by the ingenuity of the class!



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Nancy Field


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